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NHL Roundtable: Sharks Bite, Mangia…Pain, Nucks, and More

Photo of Calgary Flames left wing Andrew Mangiapane (88) reacting after being ejected from game
Nov 4, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; Calgary Flames left wing Andrew Mangiapane (88) reacts after being ejected. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the For Fans Network NHL Roundtable, a weekly feature that will focus on the burning topics in the league each week with questions answered by some of the editors and contributors from across the For Hockey Fans network of sites.

This week’s discussion touches on the Sharks , Flames Mangiapane suspension, whether or not the Vancouver Canucks are actually good, and a little skepticism about our current division leaders.

Mangiapane Suspension:

Calgary Flames forward Andrew Mangiapane has been suspended for one game, without pay, for cross-checking Seattle Kraken forward Jared McCann during NHL Game No. 170 in Seattle on Saturday, Nov. 4, the NHL announced over the weekend.

What are your thoughts on the Mangiapane suspension?

Please don’t ask me to guess what the Department of Player Safety is going to dish out next. It seems as though they’re trying to come out hard against hits to the head given the past few four game suspensions, but the back of the neck is a different story? I‘ve never really understood what’s behind these judgement calls.

Erika Towne of

My first takeaway when the suspension was announced was “wait, that’s only a quarter as bad as what Benn did?” As most of us remember Benn got two games in the playoffs last year for a near identical incident. the standard dpos math as we understand it is 1 playoff game is equal to 2 regular season games, so i was quite surprised to see the total not at least be equal. i suppose you could argue that benn xchecked a guy in the teeth and mangiapnne did it in the back, but as someone who has come a long way on suspensions for on-ice incidents, i have to admit i was pretty disappointed by the verdict here.

Justice for Rusty of, Contributor

Sharks Bite:

Do you feel the Sharks are as bad as their record?

Please check on your friends who are Sharks fans. We are not okay.

Yes the Sharks are as bad as their record. I’ve watched every game and it’s not pretty. The defense is horrendous. They can’t get the puck out of their own zone to save their lives or at the very least, their jobs. The only thing they have going for them is the goaltending and I’m a little scared this latest stretch of games has broken that as well. There’s so much wrong here, it’s hard to know where to start fixing things.

Erika Towne of

At the end of the day, you are what your record says you are. ask team that missed the postseason despite coming into the regular season as legit contenders, you are what your record is and its that simple. the thing to remember with the sharks is this – its not a straight value proposition, its entirely relative. and relative to the teams they’ve played so far, and i say this as someone who watched the ducks steal enough OTLs to clear 50 standings points, these sharks stink out loud.

Justice for Rusty of, Contributor

Our friends at Project 94 gave us these charts to help us decide how to feel about the Sharks. With just 12 Goals For, low scoring depth, and and a goal differential of -42, the Sharks are well below the league in goal scoring on both sides of the puck.

Our Leaders:

Out of division leaders which team do you think is most likely to miss the playoffs?

If there’s one division leader, nearly leader that’s going to fall out of the playoff race, I’m voting Red Wings. The current pace just doesn’t seem sustainable given who they have in net. Ville Husso has more wins yet has averaged 3.37 goals against per game. James Reimer is a backup who didn’t have his contract renewed in San Jose. Think about that. Dylan Larkin is on a torrid scoring pace, but everyone cools off eventually.

Erika Towne of, Contributor

All due respect to our friends in manhattan, but I don’t buy the quick-aissance. If Shesterkin goes down for an extended period of time i think the rangers find themselves at the bottom of a well real fast. I don’t think any of these teams ultimately miss the playoffs, but between the four (VGK, NYR, DAL, BOS) i think the path to the bottom is the simplest for the rangers.

Justice for Rusty of, Contributor

It has to be New York — but only due to the competition. I don’t think Boston will fall enough to miss the postseason, Vegas looks just as good as last year, and in the Central, I’m not sure there’s enough talent to push Dallas completely out.  Credit to Peter Laviolette and staff for finding early success that has the Rangers looking legitimately great, but they’re shooting an eighth-best 11.4% and New Jersey and Carolina look legit – and you can’t count out Washington and Pittsburgh either.  The answer is the Rangers, but for no fault of their own – and I don’t think they miss

Bryan Bastin of On The Forecheck, Contributor

I was a Boston doubter before the season due to their questionable center depth, and despite the hot start I stand by this. They’ve placed more games at home, and most wins are against bad opponents. They’ve already showed signs of being less impressive against quality competition. The East is so deep this season and one losing streak could set the Bruins back

Alex Conner of The Cannon, Contributor

Nifty Nucks:

Are the Canucks actually good?

Actually good is such an interesting turn of phrase. Yes, they’re good. Good enough to make the playoffs. Good enough to finish the season with 100-plus points. However, I wouldn’t say they’re win it all good. The jury’s still out in that regard. But yeah, they’re good.

Erika Towne of, Contributor

Does it matter? Like i said with the sharks, you are what your record says you are, and right now the Canucks are one of the best teams in the league. Demko is a good goalie and ep40 is a selke/hart combo threat in a contract year. add in an improved blueline and Brock Beoser finding his finishing touch again and i think its more than reasonable to see a world in which this teams finishes in the top 3 in the pacific.

Justice for Rusty of, Contributor